At SKK, one of our key values is Caring for our families, those we work with and the communities we live and work in. Our partners and staff are very involved in the community in a variety of clubs and initiatives.


Some of our involvements include

As an office, we have Had several initiatives including:

  • Supporting Network Ministries to supply and bag fresh produce every 2 weeks to those in need in the community.
  • Sponsoring a child through Christian Child Care every year.
  • Donations to various charities within the community, such as the Salvation Army and the St Mark’s food bank.
  • We have put on a Christmas party for children and teens with games, craft stations, gifts and dinner along with participating in Christmas community dinners.

As a group, we like to set the bar for other businesses on giving back to the community. Our staff has really come to enjoy the participation activities like the fresh produce packaging, putting on the Christmas party and other dinner station events.

We are full of enthusiasm about getting out there and doing things and giving back to our community in our own unique way.